most mira youth centre

TYPE \             Architecture, Commission 

YEAR \             2015, ongoing

LOCATION \   Kevljani Village, Prijedor, Bosnia and Herzegovina

STATUS \        Planning submission, ongoing

This project transforms a war-ruined house into a vibrant arts destination for local youth and international volunteers from Most Mira Arts and Reconciliation Charity. The site is a sign of the 90's war, located 10km from the former Omarska Concentration Camp, currently Arcelor Mittal owned iron ore mine. A colourful north mural represents more recent youth arts activities organised by Most Mira, which combined with the success of the charities local drama projects inspires us to keep parts of the ruin as a 'canvas' for changeable settings. The design has been developed through local participative workshops, used as an integral part of the design process. Individual pavilion like building forms constructed from earth group around the ruin as if engaged in a conversation, transforming the formerly private house into a public courtyard and outdoor theatre. Rooms spiral off the central courtyard, including a flexible theatre, arts studio, craft workshop and dormitary's, which can spill into the courtyard. Most Mira aim to develop the site through a series of participative building workshops and residencies. The intended building and process represent the process of transition towards reconciliation. The project is a transferable model for reconciliation for other post-war sites in the region, with aims for the Youth Club to become part of a nation-wide development framework. 

COLLABORATORS \  Tim Coles, Adriana Keast

CONSULTANTS\ Lehm Ton Erde (Rammed Earth Specialists), Kunic Gradnja (Engineering)

CLIENT\ Most Mira