stanmore college library 

TYPE \              Architecture, Commission

YEAR \             2012

LOCATION \    London, UK

STATUS \         Built, phase 1

Conceived as a 'Collaborative Learning Environment' this project is a phased development, which includes a new main entrance with double height foyer, a new 400m2 library extension and the refurbishment and re-cladding of 2 floors of existing Elm Block building. The new welcoming entrance introduces the scheme, providing visibility to the street, a focal point to the college and more clarity and accessibility to the various indoor uses. Removal of non structural walls and light refurbishment of indoor spaces with moveable screens and furniture enable a more informal open-plan learning environment desired by the college. A new classroom configuration connects students with the courtyard that is re-landscaped as a social space for communal lunches and outdoor learning. The journey through the scheme concludes in the new timber clad library extension on the first floor, likened to a tree-house, which reveals a continuous rhythm of reading alcoves, bookshelves and windows of varying sizes that frame views of the courtyard and surrounding greenery. The vertical rhythm of windows on the timber facade can be appreciated from the courtyard, street and adjoining college blocks.

CONSULTANTS \  Neil Stevenson Project Management

CLIENT \  Stanmore College, London

SCOPE OF WORK \  Concept Design and Planning Submission