Nights of Architecture March 2018

Together with Dani Arhitekture, projectvarchitecture, will be introducing their forthcoming workshop 'Sarajevo and the Siege:Between occupation and Freedom' at Kino Meeting Point, Sarajevo,  on March 29th @ 20:00.

The upcoming workshop in partnership with ScanLAB Projects (UK), the British Council, and Dani Arhitekture (Sarajevo), titled ’Sarajevo and The Siege: Between Occupation and Freedom’, will give students from BiH and Europe a unique hands-on opportunity to learn cutting edge digital 3D scanning and architectural representation techniques, through carrying out architectural investigations of historically and culturally significant sites related to the Siege of Sarajevo and its post-war legacy. This will include creating 3D digital replicas of parts of cultural heritage buildings in the city, some of which are under threat of redevelopment, and making short short films of each site from the scanned data that will be shown at a public exhibition during the Dani Arhitekture festival in May 2018.  

The introduction will include a film screening of a selection of ScanLAB Projects previous work and an introduction to the workshop programme by projectvarchitecture.