House with a Mountain View

VRSTA \               Arhitektura, narudžba

GODINA \            2017, u toku

LOKACIJA \         Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

STATUS \           Idejni Projekt

House with a mountain view is a remodel and extension to an existing property in Sarajevo. The house benefits from sitting at the base of Mount Igman which surrounds Sarajevo, and creates a dramatic and beautiful backdrop to the house. The brief from the client was to create an open and contemporary house for a young growing family who like to entertain friends and family. The project focuses the house and orientates the living space to the mountain to take advantage of the views and moves the private spaces to the back of the house to create a split between the social and entertaining spaces within the house and the private spaces. The use of natural wood wall linings helps ground the house interior in its natural context whilst creating a warm and relaxing interior space. The open plan kitchen and dining area sit a few steps below the main living space which creates separate ‘rooms’ within a larger open plan space.