Living Memorials  

TYPE / Live projects and research

YEAR / 2016 - ongoing

LOCATION / Sarajevo

Living Memorials is an ongoing, open-ended research and propositional project which aims to rethink memorials and develop new forms of memorialisation in Sarajevo and BiH as a living process, which involves site specific investigation of urban-architectural evidence of past events and witness testimonies as a process of ongoing and participatory discovery of history, digitalisation and living memorialisation. projectvarchitecture have been exploring this in a number of ways and through a series of live, research, educational and propositional projects.  This is an ongoing and key part of our work.  See one of the below for more information on each specific project. 

living memorials \ tunnel of hope memorial museum

living memorials \ sarajevo and the siege: between occupation and freedom

living memorials \ history museum of bosnia and herzegovina atrium