re: delta

TYPE \              Urbanism - Architecture, Competition

YEAR \             2013

LOCATION \    Rijeka, Croatia

STATUS \         Competition

C0-AUTHOR \  Filter Arhitektura

TEAM \  Vernes Causevic, Nedim Mutevelic, Kenan Vatrenjak, Vedad Islambegovic, Asmir Mutevelic, Ibrica Jasarevic

This project re-stitches Rijeka’s three disconnected segments of City, Sea and Land at the site of the Delta and Port of Baros to create a dense patchwork of urban diversity, which provides the infrastructure for Rijeka to grow towards the sea. A new canal extends the sailing port into the Delta site, forming a ‘thickened’ breakwater, while a green pedestrian strip bridges over a motorway and railway to re-connect Municipal park with public seafront, creating a new train station below. The combined effect merges these three segments at different intensities to define six distinct thematic centres each with a key public building. A well defined square with a new multi-purpose town hall frames a central meeting point, while smaller public spaces, typological mixed-use urban blocks, community warehouses and dynamic relationships to rail and sea networks connect and enrich the daily life of each centre. This intensification of the Delta’s inherently diverse natural and spatial conditions provides greater variation to the spaces, activities and views available in and around the site. The resulting coexistence between City, Sea and Park, gives the site a new identity that overcomes Rijeka’s historic dichotomy of land and sea.

ORGANISER \  Rijeka Architects Association (DAR), Rijeka Port Authority